Concert dress

Members are asked to wear choir dress to all concerts unless otherwise agreed by the committee. An exception was the summer concert in 2013, Showtime Spectacular, when the choir was asked to come ‘all dressed up in their glad rags’. A new conceert dress was introduced in October 2016.

Long floor length black skirt with a flat-lying, black top (i.e. no collar), sleeveless or with short sleeves ending above the elbow
or a floor length black dress that fits these criteria
Red chiffon cape (available to buy from the Secretary)
Black tights or black pop socks
Black shoes

Black trousers or suit (NB suit jackets are not generally worn)
Black long-sleeved shirt
Red SCS tie (available to buy from the Secretary)
Black socks
Black shoes

If the concert venue is cold:

  • Ladies wear a black jacket or cardigan in addition to the above with a red chiffon scarf (available to buy from the Secretary) instead of the red chiffon cape
  • Men wear a black jacket in addition to the above

Concert dress