First rehearsal of 2014

First rehearsal of 2014 on Thursday so we made a start on the music for the spring concerts in April. As ever we’re singing choral music for these concerts and this year it’s Schubert’s Mass in G and the choral suite from Karl Jenkins’ Armed Man. It’s three years since we sang the Armed Man so most of the choir have sung it before but there are some tricky moments and contrasts that will need quite a lot of practice. It’s apparently ten years since SCS last sang the Schubert, though it seems longer and I for one didn’t remember too much of the Kyrie Eleison we began with. Giving in the Christmas music and signing out the library copies for the Schubert and Karl Jenkins took some time so the rehearsal was late starting. We didn’t do that much singing either because, as it was the first time back, we stopped for coffee and tea – this only happens twice a year or so as a treat! And we had a Surprise Santa raffle for the regular monthly raffle with lots of prizes (plenty of unwanted Christmas it seems this year). Still a gentle way back in to singing among all the coughs and colds. Back to serious work next week.

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